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Stage II Single Vanos
Stage II Single Vanos

Stage II Single Vanos

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The Stage II uses the same vanos as the stage I kit but adds REM coated cam gears and thrust washers which will further reduce chain noise and cut down on friction, allowing the vanos to work with less effort. This is a great upgrade for any car that sees more than the typical daily commute, and will stand up to the abuses of Auto-x and club racing or forced induction applications.
The Stage II kit includes...

  • Fully rebuilt vanos with new Viton seals and anti-rattle bearings
  • New vanos mounting gasket
  • 2 new crush washers for the oil line
  • 3 REM coated cam sprockets
  • 2 REM coated intake cam thrust plates
  • 2 year warranty

Price: $450 (plus a $200 refundable core deposit)

Return your old Vanos and gears with the supplied prepaid shipping label for a $200 core refund.

Download Stage II installation document here