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Euro E36 M3/Z3

The Euro S50b30 and S50b32 vanos units were found on the '92-'99 European Spec E36 M3 and Z3. Due to the age and difficulty of finding these units we may not always have these in stock, but you can always send your vanos to us for the rebuild service. We will fully rebuild the vanos with all new seals, gaskets and O-rings, and test and replace the solenoids if needed (extra charge for replacement solenoids). We also rebuild the bearings in the splined gears with our anti-rattle modification to address the 'diesel rattle'. Turn around time is usually 2-3 business days.

The Euro Vanos only fits S50b30 and S50b32 Euro spec M3 engines.

  • E36 M3 3.0l
  • E36 M3 3.2l
  • Z3 M Coupe 3.2l
  • Z3 M Roadster 3.2l