Welcome to DrVanos!

If you own a BMW with a worn or noisy vanos then you have just found the solution to your problem! Does your engine sound more like a diesel truck than a German sports car? Have you noticed a lack of low end power as the miles have piled up? If you have a high mileage BMW model with the infamous 'VANOS' then it may be time to replace it with a freshly rebuilt unit from DrVanos.com.

We offer custom, specially modified vanos kits for all of the single and dual vanos equipped BMW's, Euro E36 M3's, E46 M3 and E39 M5. Our vanos units are professionally rebuilt to a much higher standard than the factory refurbished units and will solve engine performance problems that are due to a malfunctioning or stuck vanos.


Our clients include everyone from the accomplished DIY'er to high end BMW performance shops in the USA, Europe and Australia, as well as professional BMW race teams in the USA and Europe. We have rebuilt over 5,000 vanos units for customers world-wide and continue to add more clients each month. Don't settle for second best, we are the original VANOS Doctor!