Repair Work

Information for sending your parts in for repair work

Any parts being sent to us for repair work should be shipped to the address below. Please be sure to check the following guidelines before sending items in for repair.

  • Please package all items carefully and use a sturdy box.
  • Do not put loose items in the box as they can easily get lost or damaged during shipping.
  • Be sure to put your contact information inside the box.
  • Include name and email so we know how to contact you.
  • Send us an email letting us know what you are sending and what you would like done.
  • Be sure to keep a copy of your tracking number! You can also send the tracking info to us in your email.

Send all rebuild parts, returns, and cores to the address below.

  • Vanos Rebuild and Repairs
  • M5 Solenoid Repairs
  • Re-drill S54 Oil Pump Disc

1500 Chisholm Trail Rd
Ste 300
Round Rock, TX 78681