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Vanos Solenoid
Vanos Solenoid

Vanos Solenoid

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Replacement solenoids for the Single Vanos. These are cleaned and tested to ensure they are working properly, then clear-coated for protection against the elements. Refurbished solenoids come with a 90 day warranty.

Available brand new or refurbished -

  • Refurbished early models (OBD-I) - $60
  • Refurbished late models (OBD-II) - $60
  • OEM brand new - $199

    Fits all M50/M52 and S50/S52 engines.

  • Note that the only difference between early and late  model solenoids is the length of the wire lead. They are identical otherwise
    Early models (94-95) had the longer lead and will require the same replacement to reach the connector under the manifold.
  • The factory new solenoid with the longer lead will work on all model years.