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S85 Vanos Oil Pump
S85 Vanos Oil Pump
S85 Vanos Oil Pump
S85 Vanos Oil Pump
S85 Vanos Oil Pump

S85 Vanos Oil Pump

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Fully rebuilt and tested S85 Vanos oil pump for the M5 or M6 V10 engine.

A common failure point in the S85 is the Vanos high-pressure oil pump located in the oil pan. These can wear over time and eventually fail catastrophically if left unchecked.

We've updated the pump with an improved bearing system that is more durable and creates much less friction than the stock pump bearing, prolonging the life of the bearing and pump.

Our rebuilt pumps include a NEW chain sprocket, as these tend to wear excessively over time.

In addition we fully rebuild the pump with high-quality Viton O-rings and seals.

Price$1500 (Plus a $400 refundable core deposit for your old pump)

(Pump must be in rebuildable condition to receive refund)

Optionally we can rebuild your vanos pump for you. Call us for a quote.

Fits -

5 Series E60
2006-2010 M5 Sedan (E60/S85)

6 Series E63
2006-2010 M6 Coupe (E63/S85)

6 Series E64
2007-2010 M6 Convertible (E64/S85)