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Oil Distribution Block
Oil Distribution Block

Oil Distribution Block

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This machined aluminum Oil Distribution/Sending Block is designed to mount in the stock oil pressure sensor location on your oil filter housing. It allows the use of up to two aftermarket sending units (not included).

The block also has an additional port to incorporate the factory sending unit, allowing you to utilize the factory oil pressure light. This is the ideal location to get accurate pressure and temperature measurements, and our block provides a reliable and clean setup.

Block is threaded for one (1) M12x1.5 port and two (2) 1/8th NPT ports. Includes banjo bolt and crush washers to secure block at the factory location. Unit comes with a port plug for users only needing a single port.

Engine fitments include:

  • M20
  • M42 (tight fit)
  • M50, M52, M54
  • N52, N54
  • S50, S52, S54, S65
  • M10, S14, M30