S54 Vanos Oil Line

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The stock S54 vanos high pressure oil line is prone to failure when the metal line fatigues and cracks due to vibration. Here's how to upgrade your oil line to our high performance braided stainless flexible oil line.

Installation notes:

You'll need to remove the plastic undertray from underneath the car to gain access to the vanos accumulator. Removing the fan and fan shroud will also make it much easier to access the lower retaining bolt.


Remove the upper banjo bolt from the vanos. Discard the 2 crush washers but hang on to the banjo bolt. Next remove the 10mm retaining bolt halfway down the stock oil line, behind the radiator hose. 

From underneath the car, remove the banjo bolt from the accumulator. Be prepared to catch excess oil with some rags. Discard the 2 crush washers.

Remove the stock oil line from the engine. 

The new hose is installed with the heat shielding on the lower half of the line. Remove the 10mm retaining bolt from the left side of the vanos unit, attach the Adel clamp with the bolt paying attention to the orientation of the clamp in the photo above. It should be on the inboard side of the bolt. Tighten bolt. Fit the upper banjo bolt and 2 new crush washers from the kit, but don't fully tighten the banjo bolt just yet.

Attach lower Adel clamp to the stock oil line mounting location behind the radiator hose. You may need to compress the heat shield a little to create some slack in the line. Tighten bolt.

Attach lower hose end to the accumulator using 2 new crush washers and tighten banjo bolt. Finally tighten upper banjo bolt to 20ft*lbs.

It's not a bad idea to start the car before reinstalling the lower undertray and fan shroud and check for any leaks.