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Rear Trailing Arm Bushings Spherical Bearings E36/E46

Rear Trailing Arm Bushings Spherical Bearings E36/E46

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Rear Trailing Arm Bushings – Aluminum with Integrated Spherical Bearings
Recommended for race use only

Spherical bearings are Teflon lined
Set of two

Our sealed Monoball Rear Trailing Arm Bushings are the best solution for completely eliminating deflection and unwanted toe changes on the rear of the E36, E46, and Z4. While rubber and urethane bushings flex during load, the toe can change widely giving you nervous and unpredictable handling. These RTABs have a solid aluminum housing with a high-quality sealed spherical bearing. These RTAB's were developed from years of competition use in various racing and HPDE events. There is simply no better RTAB unless your racing class rules prohibit the use of mono or spherical bearings.