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Motorsport Tow Strap

Motorsport Tow Strap

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Our Motorsport Tow Strap is the genuine factory BMW Motorsport tow strap. Unlike the steel factory tow hooks, this strap does not protrude from the bodywork*, making it a safer alternative. Additionally, it remains tucked away except when in use for a very clean and less conspicuous look. 

*Requires cutting a small slot in your plastic bumper for clean installation so it's recommended only for cars with plastic bumpers.

Cut a slot in the front bumper plastic (VERY IMPORTANT) right at the height of the bottom edge of the bumper support. Undo the two bolts holding the bumper on and remove bumper (you may have additional fasteners for plastic wheel well covers and other small parts). Slide the non-foam end of the strap in, and as you reattach the bumper, loop it around the bumper shock. When the notch is set at the correct level mentioned above, the the pulling stress from towing will go to bumper shock/support and will keep the plastic cover from ripping. 

  • Genuine BMW factory Motorsport tow strap
  • Inconspicuous, yet effective and safe
  • Tucked away when not in use
  • Required by many organizations

This is a part that we buy directly from BMW Motorsport. It was originally designed by Motorsport engineers for competition use in a factory BMW racing program. As a part designed for competition use, it does not have a warranty. BMW Motorsport parts may sometimes be in short supply and orders are released at the discretion of BMW Motorsport. If a part is not in stock, contact us for the latest estimate on delivery time.