The BMW M62tu 4.4l V8 engine was used in several BMW models including the 540i, 740i and X5, as well as the 2002-2006 Range Rover. This engine has a couple of inherent problems that every owner will eventually run into, with the Vanos system being the most common. The main seal and O-ring inside the vanos gear will gradually break down over time until the vanos can no longer hold the required oil pressure inside the gear. This causes poor performance, rough idle when cold, and most of them will rattle like a diesel truck at idle. Rebuilding the vanos units with new seals and O-rings will instantly provide better performance as well as quieting the notorious rattling noise.

Another big issue were the plastic timing chain guides. Over time these too would also become brittle and eventually break apart causing many of the same issues as the vanos, including excessive noise and poor performance, not to mention engine damage in worst case scenarios.

Due to the amount of work involved when replacing either the timing chain guides or the vanos units, we always recommend doing both repairs at the same time whenever possible, as well as replacing both left and right vanos units together. Replacing or upgrading only one vanos will just lead to poor performance and can even cause the neglected vanos to rattle louder than before. New vanos units and new chain guides will bring this engine back to life, with many customers saying "the engine runs like butter now!"

Rebuilt Vanos adjustment unit for the 4.4l or 4.6l M62tu V8 (BMW or Range Rover) with upgraded Viton O-rings and Teflon seals.

The M62tu Vanos price includes a fully refundable $150 core deposit (each) for your old vanos. You can return your old vanos units to us using the supplied UPS return label in the box and we will refund your $150 core deposit to you within 1-2 business days for a net price of $250 each.

Note that the rebuilt M62tu vanos will typically NOT Ohm out when attempting to check continuity with a volt meter due to the outer housing compression. This does not affect the vanos function in any way. The Ohm test was just to let you know that you have rotated the vanos in the correct direction (counter clock-wise) before tightening the securing bolt.

Kit also includes the following replacement O-rings -
  • 4 x engine top cover bolt shaft O-rings
  • 2 x secondary air pipe end O-rings
  • 2 x camshaft chain tensioner O-rings

Complete tool kit for installing the M62tu vanos on both banks.

The tool kit rental price includes a fully refundable $300 deposit. You can return the tool kit to us using the supplied UPS return label in the box and we will refund your $300 deposit to you within 1-2 business days for a net price of $75.

When removing the vanos units on the M62tu engine, these items will also need to be replaced. This parts kit is NOT a vanos rebuild kit, but a complete set of all new gaskets and various engine parts you will want to replace while you're in there.

  • Valve Cover Gaskets (x2)
  • Valve Cover Seal Washers (x22)
  • Engine Top Cover Gasket (x2)
  • Upper Timing Cover Gasket (x2)
  • Solenoid Gasket (x2)
  • Solenoid Check Valve (x2)
  • Vanos Distribution Piece Gasket (x2)
  • Camshaft Chain Tensioner Guide (x4)
  • Camshaft Seal Ring (x6)
  • Primary Chain Tensioner
  • Primary Tensioner Seal
  • Primary Tensioner Washer
  • Coolant Plug Crush Washer

Replacing the chain and chain guides is highly recommended when updating the vanos units on the V8 as they are prone to break and cause excessive rattling. Our kit includes everything needed to do a complete timing chain overhaul. Includes:

  • Timing Chain
  • Upper Chain Guide
  • Lower Chain Guide
  • Primary Chain Guide
  • Timing Cover Gasket Set
  • Timing Cover Seal Strip (x2)

Optional Parts for '99 model year engines. Early production Distribution Piece can experience scoring from camshaft seal rings, so BMW made a design change to coat these with Teflon to prevent scoring starting in 9/'99. If you have an early model without the Teflon coated Distribution Pieces it is highly recommended to replace them with the updated version even if there is no scoring.


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