Just had the vanos’ installed and the car performs outstanding! No vanos noise (well there is a little bit sound but it’s not possible to hear it when the hood is closed) and the car is buttery smooth J thanks.
This is an absolute must for any BMW owner where the car has a Vanos and has travelled a fair few miles. Firstly, the car will run so much better, smoother, with so much more power, and secondly the dreaded vanos rattling noise will be eliminated. I had mine rebuilt and installed over a year ago for my Euro E36 M3, and it is still as great as it was the day I had it installed! It is, without a doubt, the best money I have spent on this car. The car will be running as good as the day it rolled off the factory floor (as long as the car has been fairly well maintained, of course). Chris goes out of his way to answer any queries you might have and is generally a very helpful individual and is extremely knowledgeable about all things vanos. That kind of service (where the company assists, even though they have absolutely no obligation to) is extremely rare these days.
I absolutely love my car and want the best for it, though at decent price, if possible, so I called a few garages locally (here in Australia) to get a quote on a vanos rebuild, thinking I might save a few dollars on postage back and forth to the U.S. 50% of them did not have the knowhow or the parts, so did not offer the service. The other 50% wanted more than DOUBLE the TOTAL cost of: having an already rebuilt unit sent (overseas) from Dr Vanos, installed by a local garage, and the old unit sent back to the U.S. In fact, if Dr Vanos had kept my core charge it would still have been cheaper.
Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciated your product and installation guide. I installed your Stage II kit a few weeks ago on my 95 325is. With your pdf guide the install was a relative breeze and the engine came back to life without any of the noise I was having as well as a smoother idle and smoother pull across the powerband. I think you have a great product and wish you the best.
Thank you for installing this for me on a Saturday! The car runs much better and the noise is gone. With respect to the VANOS, I am so happy, the engine runs so quiet now! No noise!! Good job!
I Just wanted to let you know that your kit works great!  The vanos unit is silent and I truly appreciate your efforts to create a product that works as advertised. Thank you!
The unit is on and running sweet. The car now feels like it has more low end power and absolutely flys. Once again many thanks, and I will defiantly be recommending you to my friends and family!
I finshed the vanos repair and the car now runs like it should! The REM polished gears work great - no noise at all. The Service Director at the local BMW dealership was impressed by the results (he's a neighbor of mine). Thank you for your help with everything, particularly the vanos assy that you sent - that would have been an expensive item to have to buy new!
I would like to thank you for the new unit as it went in well and has made such a big difference in the way car runs.... can't stop driving it now! Can't believe what an overall difference it has made as it was only just starting to go bad and nowhere near as bad as some..... very impressed.
Thanks for a prompt and efficient service you gave in the replacement Vanos unit , repairs to my M3 are done and it is running like a dream! Keep up the good work!
Thanks so much. I commend the service that you guys have.
I got the new vanos installed the other weekend, and the noise is gone! Thanks again for your help.
Thank you for a great product. I was skeptic about power gain, in my particular car the 330i with the ZHP package, it was AN AMAZING improvement, wow!
The Engine runs great now! It's amazing how the gradual degredation in performance can go unnoticed. It is my girlfriends car and she doesn't drive it as hard as I do but even she noticed the increased acceleration response. Instructions were spot on. Will definitely recommend your product to others.
Just had to drop you a line. My '96 M3 seemed to be getting a little slow and had an awful rattle coming from the engine. My freind who is also a BMW Tech told me about DrVanos. After the install I was astounded! The transformation was incredible. It seems like I just picked up 30HP! The car runs soo much smoother and drives so much better. Thanks for the quality product.
I’ve only had my M3 after three other owners and 60Kkm. Anyway, with the VANOS you sent me installed, the car is now going like it never has in the 5 years I’ve had it. It will sit below 60kph (35 mph) in third gear quite happily – that’s new – and there’s so much more midrange power I have to be careful coming out of corners as I can spin the rear wheels in dirt or on a rough surface. Big difference – power and improved tractability. Give someone a pat on the back for me – job well done. Thanks.
The new vanos made such a big difference in my car! I did not have the rattle but no real power, now it feels almost like a new car with lots more power and smoother idle and better MPGs.
BTW - Love the way the vanos works its so much quieter and more responsive than my stock unit ever was. Thanks!
I successfully installed my new (rebuilt) Vanos yesterday and I just wanted to say that delivery was timely and once installed, WOW what a difference. Thanks! I would recommend you to anyone that suspects a Vanos problem. My issue exhibited a different set of symptoms from all those I have read about but with the new (rebuilt) Vanos installed, the chatter I heard has disappeared and the car sounds and performs so much better.
Hello, my name is Jeffrey B., and I own an E39 M5, unfortunately for me, both vanos units have gone bad. But fortunately there are people like you that provide an amazing service for a lot less then what it would normally cost to fix a vanos, let alone two. I have purchased both dual vanos units for my car from you guys. I must say everything was outstanding, from your product services and your efficiency of shipping to the organization of your website, and how fast I received a core refund. I have recommended you guys to my mechanic and he's agreed that he will recommend future clients to you guys for vanos units. I would just like to express my sincerest gratitude for everything, and I wish you all the best!!
It was a pleasure dealing with you, and I have no problem recommending your product to other people. My engine sounds like a dream now and runs like never before! - Bjørn.
I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for you prompt service, both in expediting the unit and keeping me informed. Your website was very informative and helped me in making the decision to purchase the vanos from Dr. Vanos. The vanos has been installed and the car not only only runs smoothly but I've noticed an increase in power too! - Vince