At we have addressed all the well known problems related to the U.S single vanos engines and provided solutions to those problems in a complete, ready to install kit. Each vanos is fully rebuilt using modified bearings to eliminate the dreaded rattling noises, then high-performance Teflon seals and Viton O-rings are installed to restore lost power and increase the life of the unit. Our vanos units will stand up to more abuse making them ideal for street/track cars, race cars, and forced induction applications.

The Single Vanos comes as a fully rebuilt vanos unit with modified bearings to eliminate the dreaded 'Vanos Rattle'. Every vanos also comes with new high-performance Viton O-rings and Teflon seals installed to restore lost power and improve gas mileage... two solutions in one package!

The Stage I Vanos price includes a fully refundable $100 deposit. You can return your old vanos to us using the supplied UPS return label in the box and we will refund your $100 deposit to you within 1-2 business days for a net price of $275.

The Stage II kit adds REM coated cam gears and thrust washers which will further reduce chain noise and cut down on friction, allowing the vanos to work with less effort. This is a great upgrade for any car that sees more than the typical daily commute, and will stand up to the abuses of Auto-x and Club Racing or Forced Induction applications.

The Stage II Vanos price includes a fully refundable $200 deposit. You can return your old vanos to us using the supplied UPS return label in the box and we will refund your $200 deposit to you within 1-2 business days for a net price of $400.

If you are using high profile race cams, such as the Sunbelt cams, then we can add a shim to limit vanos travel adding a margin of safety to the valves at very high RPM's. We offer a standard (Small) shim for mild race cams and a thicker (Large) shim for more aggressive cams. The limiter is NOT recommended for stock cam profiles as it will reduce overall torque at lower RPM's.

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We have made it even easier to return your core to us! All Vanos units come with a pre-paid UPS return shipping label included in the box. Simply use the provided zip-loc bag for the vanos, place the included shipping label over the original label and drop it off at your local UPS Store. *US Customers Only*
We have created specialized installation documents for the Stage I and Stage II kits and offer tool kit rental as well. You can download the installation documents from the menu at the left. Instructions are in PDF format.
Tool kit rental is available with the purchase of a Stage I or Stage II kit, and includes the cam alignment blocks, crank locking pin and gear turning wrench. The rental cost is $25, plus a $75 deposit.

The core charge allows us to send you a rebuilt vanos at a much lower price than a new unit would cost from the dealer. By sending out a complete, ready to install vanos the customer has the ability to replace their vanos as quickly as possible and then return their old vanos for the core refund. This helps to keep your downtime to a minimum so you can get back on the road without waiting for parts.

The Stage I core charge is $100 (Vanos Only)
The Stage II core charge is $200 (Vanos, 3 Cam Gears and 2 Thrust Washers)

We ask that you return your old vanos unit to us as quickly as possible. Once we receive your complete core we will immediately refund the full core charge amount back to your Paypal or credit card account.

Parts and Accessories for the single vanos engine...

The German Auto Solutions 1.2 bar Cooling System Cap uses 100% original BMW internal components that have been recalibrated to vent at 1.2 bar vs. the factory 2.0 bar setting. Most modern cooling systems are calibrated at 1.0 - 1.2 bar to reduce stress on the plastic components, increasing the lifespan of the fragile plastic parts without affecting the performance of the cooling system. The top of the cap is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, hard anodized black to prevent corrosion, and then laser etched so it looks cool.

The M50 tool kit rental includes the cam locking blocks, crank pin and cam gear wrench. Rental fee is $25 or keep the tool kit for the $125 price. This tool kit fits all M50 based 6cyl engines...

  • M50 Engine (325i/525i)
  • M52 Engine (328i/528i)
  • S50 ('95 M3)
  • S52 ('96-'00 M3/Z3)

The tool kit rental price includes a fully refundable $125 deposit. You can return the tool kit to us using the supplied UPS return label in the box and we will refund your $125 deposit to you within 1-2 business days for a net price of $25. Optionally you're welcome to keep the tool kit for the $150 price.

A common replacement item on high mileage cars to do while you're in there. A new timing chain is recommended when doing the tensioner.

Includes main valve cover gasket and spark plug hole gaskets (brand may vary) Seal washers sold separately below)

Newer style 2pc primary hydraulic chain tensioner helps reduce chain noise at start-up. Excellent upgrade for pre-'96 models.

Complete set of 15 valve cover seal washers. Highly recommended when replacing your valve cover gasket.

Lifetime supply of German quality Victor Reinz Gasket Sealer. Necessary when replacing the valve cover gasket.

If you are replacing the upper chain tensioner or doing a Stage II vanos it's not a bad idea to replace the upper timing chain as well. IWIS brand chains are top quality and offer 2 versions, Standard and Racing. The standard chain is fine for most applications, while the Racing chain has slightly thicker link plates that resist stretching.

Recommended if you have a 525i or a 325i with a build date of 4/95 or earlier to reduce excessive vanos rattling. The kit adds a spring plate between 2 thrust washers to tighten up the intake gear on the camshaft.

Includes -

  • 3 mounting studs
  • 2mm thick thrust washer
  • 4mm thick thrust washer
  • Spring plate
For installation instructions download the 'Stage II Install PDF' from the left sidebar

Mann OEM oil filter kit. Includes filter, housing O-ring and drain plug crush washer. Please enter model and year below before adding to cart.

Magnetic drain plug catches magnetic particles in the oil pan as the engine wears over time.

Upgrade your stock plastic thermostat housing to an aluminum housing to prevent untimely failures. Includes gasket.

Refurbished replacement solenoids. These are cleaned and tested to ensure they are working properly, then clear-coated for protection against the elements.

Option for early models (OBD-I) or later models (OBD-II)

Replacement high pressure vanos oil line. These can start to break down and leak over time. Includes new crush washers.

Set of 6 spark plugs

  • '95 M3 uses Bosch FR7 LDC+
  • '96-99 M3 uses Bosch FGR8 KQE
  • 325i-328i uses NGK BKR6EQUP.


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