Stage I

The Stage I was designed as an easy to install kit for daily driven street cars. It consists of a fully cleaned, rebuilt, and tested vanos unit that is ready to install. New, high-quality Viton O-rings and Teflon seals are also installed in every unit to provide the best performance and longest life. A new vanos gasket and 2 new crush washers for the oil line are also included. This modified unit will eliminate the annoying rattling noises and with no other modifications, and provide years of trouble free use. Installation is a simple direct replacement and does not require that the cams or timing chains be removed.

Stage II

The Stage II builds off of the Stage I kit and adds an additional level of performance upgrades that allows the vanos to work much more efficiently. This is done by reducing friction on the cam gears with REM polishing.

REM polishing is a proprietary 2 stage chemical and media abrasion process used in many levels of motorsports which polishes the surfaces to a micro-smooth finish. The parts are then chemically treated with an agent that considerably reduces friction between mating surfaces. The stage II kit will completely eliminate any 'sticking' issues caused by excessive friction between the intake cam gear and thrust plates, greatly extending the life of the unit.

The Stage II vanos kit is designed for a daily driver while be able to withstand the abuse and stresses of a modified engine. Race cars, track cars, forced induction cars, or any other car that sees more abuse than a typical daily driver sees can all benefit from Stage II kit. This is truly the ultimate vanos upgrade.


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