S62 M5/Z8 Vanos

The 1999 - 2003 US and Euro E39 M5 and Z8 (S62) uses a dual vanos for each bank of cylinders making it a fairly complex system. While the vanos units themselves are quite reliable and should last the life of the car, the solenoids can cause various problems which can be mistaken for a vanos failure. While we do offer a rebuild service for the M5 vanos if needed, but most vanos related issues can be addressed by simply repairing or replacing the solenoids. The tabs below offer specific information for the most common M5 Vanos problems and how to address them. We can help diagnose fault codes for you and determine the best method for resolving the issue to save you from needless or expensive repairs.

  • The S62 Vanos fits E39 M5 and Z8 engines

    • All US E39 M5
    • All Euro E39 M5
    • All E52 Z8
  • One of the most common problems on the M5 vanos system is going to be a solenoid failure. There are 4 solenoids on a circuit board inside each vanos unit. If one of these solenoids fails it will generate vanos related fault codes, misfires and rough idle. We offer the option of testing and replacing the faulty solenoids or replacing the solenoid board while leaving the vanos units on the car. This is an easy and relatively inexpensive alternative to a complete vanos replacement.
  • Each vanos has a solenoid pack containing 4 individual solenoids. Each solenoid has 2 O-Rings which can harden and fail over time causing oil to leak internally and from the front of the vanos. We offer a solenoid O-ring repair kit consisting of 16 specially designed O-rings and 2 new gaskets for the cover plates. This is a great preventative maintenance upgrade and can be easily done in a couple of hours without any special tools.
  • The M5 has 4 cam position sensors, one intake and one exhaust for each bank. These are another common failure point on the M5 and will usually start to fail around 80k miles, generating a check-engine light, rough idle and poor performance. If you have a fault code reader you will most likely find a specific fault for a failed CPS, along with the bank and intake or exhaust details. Note that you must ALWAYS use Genuine BMW replacement cam sensors. Aftermarket sensors are notoriously unreliable.
  • These units are also well known for the annoying rattling or diesel sound heard at idle and low RPM's. It needs mentioning that the rattling noise is not related to the failing seals or solenoids, and is a separate issue of it's own. It will not harm the engine and is not an indication of the health of the vanos, but is simply an engineering oversight that can be easily fixed with some modifications. The rattle can be attributed to the splined gears that fit at the back of the vanos. At DrVanos we modify these gears to bring the tolerances down for a tighter fit, reducing the diesel rattle significantly.
S62 Vanos

Price: $900 plus a refundable $400 core deposit

Our S62 M5/Z8 vanos comes fully rebuilt, ready to install. Upgrades include all new Viton piston O-rings and ultra-high quality Teflon lifetime seals for maximum performance and durability. Solenoids are fully cleaned out, tested and all solder joints are beefed up for maximum long-term reliability.
Our rebuilt vanos includes the following -
  • Fully cleaned and rebuilt housing
  • New high-performance piston seals
  • New mounting O-rings and gaskets
  • Upgraded solenoids with new BMW O-rings
  • Viton O-rings for oil pressure return valve
For the ultimate setup, use our Modified Splined Gears (sold separately) to eliminate the annoying Diesel Rattle.

Looking to have your M5 vanos professionally rebuilt? Send us your vanos units and we can rebuild them with all new high performance piston seals and lifetime solenoid O-rings. We can also test and replace any faulty solenoids if needed, as well repair damaged solenoid boards, wires, diodes and broken connectors.

M5 Vanos


  • Rebuild service starting at $300 each
  • Replacement solenoids - $400
  • Repair damaged solenoid boards - $20 - $100
  • Updated solenoid cover plates (with set screws) - $100 each
Call or email us for more information.

Having solenoid issues? Send us your solenoid board and we can test and replace individual solenoids with a quality replacement saving you the cost of a full replacement pack. We can also replace broken connectors and wires, fix damaged boards, and replace missing diodes at a very reasonable price, and our work comes with a 60 day warranty.

M5 Solenoid Repair


  • Replacement solenoid - $400
  • Repair damaged board - $100
  • Replace broken plug - $35
  • Replace damaged wire - $25
  • Replace diode - $25
  • Testing - Free
Send your solenoids to us at the address on our Contact Us page. When sending your solenoids in for repair, please include your information in the box and we will contact you with an estimate once they arrive.

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