The DISA valve, or "Intake Manifold Adjuster Unit", is a common failure on the M54 BMW engines and is caused by the poor materials used in the manufacturing process in a couple of the key valve components. The three parts of the DISA are the flat plastic flapper valve, the bell crank lever that rotates the flapper, and the vacuum pot, all made of glass reinforced nylon. This construction of glass and nylon is what primarily creates failure points. The symptoms of a worn DISA valve include rough idle, lean engine codes and lack of low to mid rpm power. We upgrade the DISA by replacing the plastic flapper valve and bell crank with machined aluminum and titanium parts which will last the life of the engine.

Fits the following models -
BMW M54 3.0 Liter Applications

BMW Part# 11617544805 or 11617502275

Number stamped on DISA Housing:
7544805 or 7502275

E36 1999-2002 Z3 3.0i Coupe
E36 1999-2002 Z3 3.0i Roadster

E39 2000-2003 530i Sedan
E39 2000-2003 530i Touring

E46 1999-2006 330Ci Convertible
E46 1999-2006 330Ci Coupe
E46 1999-2005 330i Sedan
E46 1999-2005 330i Touring
E46 1999-2004 330xi Sedan
E46 1999-2005 330xi Touring

E53 1999-2006 X5 3.0i SUV

E60 2002-2005 530i Sedan

E65 2002-2005 730i Sedan

E66 2002-2004 730Li Sedan

E83 2003-2006 X3 3.0i SUV

E85 2002-2005 Z4 3.0i Roadster
BMW Part# 11617544806 or 11617502269
Number Stamped on DISA Housing:
7544806 or 7502269
E36 2000-2002 Z3 2.5i Roadster

E39 2000-2003 525i Touring
E39 2000-2003 525i Sedan

E46 2000-2004 320i Sedan
E46 2000-2006 325Ci Coupe
see note below
E46 2000-2006 325Ci Convertible
E46 2000-2005 325i Touring
E46 2000-2005 325i Sedan
see note below
E46 1999-2004 325xi Sedan
E46 1999-2005 325xi Touring

E60 2002-2004 525i Sedan

E83 2003-2006 X3 2.5i SUV

E85 2002-2005 Z4 2.5i Roadster

NOTE: Some California models of the 325 used "Ultra Low Emissions" M56 engines. The DISA for 2.5L M56 engine requires the 3.0l kit.

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