Information and FAQ's for the Dual Vanos kits (E46 & E39)

The cam timing is not affected when removing or installing the Dual Vanos, so special tools are not required.
We fully disassemble, clean and rebuild the vanos, install new, high quality Viton O-rings and Teflon seals, and the internal bearings are modified to eliminate any rattling noises. Finally, the vanos is fully tested to ensure the solenoids are working and the vanos performs properly.
The Dual vanos comes built and ready to install, you will only need to swap your exhaust cam sensor from your old vanos to the new one. The kit includes a new vanos gasket and crush washers for the oil line.
The core charge allows us to send you a vanos at a much lower price than a new unit would cost from the dealer. By sending out a complete, ready to install vanos the customer has the ability to replace their vanos as quickly as possible, and then return their old vanos for the core refund. This helps to keep your downtime to a minimum so you can get back on the road without waiting for parts.

The Dual Vanos core charge is $150.

We ask that you return your old vanos unit to us as quickly as possible. Once we receive your complete core we will immediately refund the full core charge amount back to your Paypal or Credit Card account.

Cores must be complete and in good condition to receive a full refund.

There is really nothing else to upgrade with the dual vanos installation. You won't be removing the chain or tensioners so there is no need to install new ones.
If your valve cover gasket has not been replaced recently, it's likely to be brittle and should be replaced with a new one. The gasket kit includes both spark plug gasket pieces and the main valve cover gasket. We sell the gasket kits as well as many other maintenance items

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