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OMP Superquadro Steering Wheel

OMP Superquadro Steering Wheel

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The OMP Superquadro Steering wheel is a 330mm diameter wheel with black suede leather for the ultimate in grip, comfort, and control, plus an anatomical handgrip that takes it to the next level. This wheel also features a flat-bottom design that makes ingress and egress much easier when the wheel isn't dismounted. The yellow color ring at the top center is not only ideal for figuring out which way is forward when things get a bit messy, but it's also great for keeping tabs on steering input when data isn't available. All these features combine to make this our choice of steering wheel.

  • Flat steering wheel
  • Three anodized spokes and suede leather crown
  • Flat-bottom design to facilitate entering and exiting the car
  • Anatomical handgrip offering the best grip while driving
  • Complete with horn button
Diameter: 330x290mm
Handgrip: oval 35x27mm