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PFC E36 M3 Front Brake Package

PFC E36 M3 Front Brake Package

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The PFC E36 M3 Front Brake Package with PFC 08 pads is comprised of our highest performing components for customers wanting to take advantage of the full potential from their factory braking system. This is the next best thing to a big brake kit and much easier on the wallet. 

BMW's E36 M3 factory brake system is a great base for good stopping power; they just need to be massaged to handle the added stresses of track duty. With the excessive heat from track work, the factory one-piece rotors will expand irregularly causing an inconsistent pedal feel and uneven pad wear. Performance Friction's Direct Drive rotors are a two-piece, full-floating design that allows the friction surface to expand evenly. Numerous other benefits of this rotor's design can be found on our PFC Direct Drive Rotor page. 

To squeeze the Direct Drive rotors tight we've included our highest performing PFC pads for endurance racing and extended use, the PFC 08 compound. The 08 has excellent release and modulation characteristics and the longest wear rate of all PFC pads - perfect for track days or enduros. 

The factory sliding calipers tend to twist from the added forces of track pads and sticky race-compound tires, which often produces unsatisfactory pedal feel and uneven brake wear. We've greatly reduced this issue with the use of brass guide pins to complete the brake package.

Package Includes:

  • Performance Friction Direct Drive two-piece floating rotor set (includes fully assembled hats, directional rotors, and Direct Drive mounting hardware)
  • Performance Friction pad set (race-ready PFC 08 Compound)
  • Brass caliper guide pins

Made in the USA

NOTE: A very small percentage of E36 M3 cars are affected by on off-sized front hub assembly (143mm OD versus 139mm), presumably supplied by one of BMWs OE suppliers with a different spec. PFC Direct Drive rotors will require replacement of this hub with the standard-sized 139mm SKF bearings.