Track Car Parts & Services

Vanos work is our specialty but we also have 15 yrs experience in building track cars. If you are looking for M3 track parts just ask! We have a full race shop and work with some of the most trusted BMW race car builders in the market such as BimmerWorld, Turner Motorsport, Vorshlag, HARD Motorsports, and more. 

We have a full service 5000sq.ft race/fabrication shop and are always working on 2 or 3 projects at any one time, including our M4 track toy or our E36 M3 WRL endurance race car. 

Our race shop, M3THOD Motorworks is co-located here with DrVanos in Austin, TX just minutes from the Circuit Of The Americas. If you're a track junkie you may run into us at a BMWCCA track day at COTA, a WRL endurance race in Texas, Oklahoma or Louisiana, or a Time Attack/AutoX event at Driveway Austin. We are true, die hard BMW enthusiasts who love all things racing. 

Below is just a sample of track parts that we carry. To see our full racing catalog visit our dedicated race shop website or contact us for any specific parts you're looking for.

M3THOD Motorworks